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About Me

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Born and raised in Santiago de Chile, Amara is a recent graduate from the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama Acting Class of 2021. 

Growing up surrounded in the Television world back home, thanks to her mother, there was something about Acting that always intrigued Amara. 

As a curious young girl, with too many careers to explore, Acting was the space where she was allowed to dream, and explore with no boundaries. As she grew up Amara developed an interest for Social Justice, coming close to studying Law! However, once she realized the importance of the arts when it comes to making change in society she was set!  

Next thing you know she was embarking on a journey from Santiago, Chile all the way to Pittsburgh, PA to study Acting. 

These past four years she has developed an even stronger passion for story telling, and finding ways to collaborate and innovate in order to tell interesting and relevant stories. 

As someone who grew up surrounded by people of different backgrounds and cultures, she aims to tell stories that inspire and empower others. Furthermore, as the only international student in her major she hopes to continue to be a source of change in the spaces she walks into. 

Aside from Theatre, Amara also has a strong passion for cooking, manual arts, and dancing (especially reggaeton) and Volleyball.    

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